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A letter from the owners Robert and Lynda Rolle.

Rolle’s Lynda Vista R. V. Park started with a dream and a lot of hard work on a five acre piece of pasture land in 1983. This was a neighborhood I knew from my days in high school where many of the kids raised their 4-H and FFA animals for the fair.

After a few rounds of plan revisions with the County, and the necessary timing to being work, we started putting in the needed infrastructure in the summer of 1985. Every summer, we have added some improvement since that time. I spent most of my teaching career in southern California and used the summers to work on the park. For many years, I made the trip to Yuma every other weekend to try to accomplish a little more for the park.

In 1987, we bought the five acre parcel north of the original parcel to expand the park. In the process, we had to buy the ten rental units on that land. With much work, effort and care, the rental units are a part of the R. V. Park and are available to people who like the R. V. lifestyle, but don’t want the inconvenience of R. V. maintenance. A person can rent an apartment by the year; live in it for up to six months; return home and come back his own place for the next season.

lynda vista rv park yuma
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